Corporate Career

Our human resources policy is,

Hiring the bests in the field and the highest potentials, positioning the right people in the right place in our organization and creating the highest level of employee loyalty by ensuring the highest level of satisfaction of our employees.

Creating a working environment where our employees have the opportunity to reveal their potential in the best way in line with their competencies and performances, and making sure each of our employees contributes to the future of our company by investing value and paying them back the same value.

Striving to create a happy, productive, successful, and healthy workforce by contributing to the production of high performance, development-oriented, collaborative, and creative working conditions.

Avoiding any discrimination in terms of age, gender, race, religion, language, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, belief, marital, social or economic status, disability, political opinion, participation in union activities, membership, and pregnancy during recruitment, remuneration, and performance evaluation stages.

Career at Stablex

Increasing the worth of our employees on our organization and providing equal opportunities and opportunities to all our employees with training programs for both personal and professional development.

Organizing internship programs and sharing the experience we have gained to bring in a young and adding value workforce to the digital finance sector.

Creating a dynamic team that shares success and growth with its employees, and ensuring that satisfied employees and customers are built with a human-oriented approach.

If you desire to take part in our energetic team, you can participate in our recruitment assessments by sending your resume to .