Future has started now at Stablex Future has started now at Stablex
Trader oriented cryptocurrency
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What Stablex Offers You

secure cryptocurrency trading

Strong Security

Your Acount seurity is under 2-step (2FA) verification. You can use the 2-step(2FA) security system by ativating the SMS, Email or Google Authenticator application.

cryptocurrency wallet

Your Wallet Is Under the Protection

You can manage all your fiat and cryptocurencies from one wallet at stablex. Your wallets are protected against all kind of cyber-attaks and theft through insurance at Stablex.

cryptocurrency account management

Customized Account Management

You can limit your transaction amount from your wallet with our personalized account management system. Also, you can receive notifications when your transaction orders reach the values you want to trade.

user-friendly trading platform

User Friendly Exchange

Stablex offers you simple, fast, and easy exchange service with user-friendly interface. You can use Stablex with dark and light theme selections. Make your time enjoyable at Stablex.

fast cryptocurrency transfers

Quick Transaction Infrastructure

All your transactions are made automatically at Stablex. These transactions are followed by finance controller for your security. You do not have to wait for your transactions, you do not waste time.

market newsletter

Customized Financial Reports For You

You can follow daily financial news with Stablex bulletins. According to your preference, you can receive daily or weekly account statements by e-mail in that way you can review your account statement without having to enter the platform.

cryptocurrency orders

Order Matching without Problem

Stablex offers you the best order matching system. Your orders are executed at the value of your demand with our high liquidity and transaction infrastructure.

7/24 customer services

7/24 Support

Our Client Experience Center respectfully delivers prompt information and the best solution when you need it with its expert team. We are always at your help with our experience center. All our clients/users can reach Stablex 24/7 via phone, chat, and a contact form.

cryptocurrency mobile application

Stablex’s Intelligent Platform

Designed with users in mind

stablex account opening
Fast account opening
free account opening
Create an account for free
no minimum deposit
No minimum deposit
no withdrawal fees
No withdrawal fees
wallet to wallet transfer
Wallet to Wallet Transfer
no limit for transaction
No limit for transaction
save both crypto and fiat currency in one wallet
Manage crypto and fiat from one wallet
mobile application
Mobile Application

Cryptocurrency Market

Latest market information

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More than a cryptocurrency exchange

Stablex Trading Platform

Today, a rapid change proceeds in the financial sector as in every area. Monetary systems are being renewed with technological improvements. Cryptocurrencies, the currency of today and tomorrow, are seen as a novel financial tool where you can carry your savings to the future safely.

If you want to try this new financial tool, you can instantly trade cryptocurrencies with Stablex. Also, transfer your cryptocurrencies to other wallets or safely store them on our platform.

Stablex has established a user-friendly and secure trading platform for you to take your place in the cryptocurrency business, which is the heart of the new financial system.

With Stablex, the cryptocurrency exchange working for you,

stablex apple store application
stablex apple store application